Three Bears Educare LTD, Holt Road, Bovington, Wareham, Dorset. BH20 6LE

Three Bears Nursery caters for children from ages 0-12 years. Tiny Teds for children ages 0-3, Pre-School for children ages 3-5 and Jaks After School and Holiday Club. Our aim is to enhance the development and education of children in a parent-involved community based group. It is assessed by OFSTED to ensure high standards are maintained.

Within Three Bears all children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace. Our structured learning is based on the EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage, which is centred around literacy, mathematics,understanding the world and expressive art and design.

We also focus on each child’s physical, personal, social and emotional development. By using appropriate play activities and a high-level of adult input, we offer a curriculum which leads to nationally approved learning outcomes and prepares children to progress with confidence to starting school at the age of five.

Vision Statement:

Our outside area has many open ended resources and play materials that are flexible and exciting. They can be used and adapted in many different ways to support the needs and interests of individual children, whilst offering them chances to explore, discover and experiment.

We believe that children should experience and learn from the uncertainty, surprise and excitement of contact with the elements, the seasons and the natural world.

Our children are encouraged to set and meet their own challenges, be aware of their limits, push their abilities at their own pace and be prepared to take risks, and learn from their mistakes.

Our enthusiastic staff will support and actively encourage the children in their learning and development, whilst engaging them in their chosen interests.